About Us

We are a team of financial professionals who have decades of experience in assisting our clients to implement prudent investment strategies based on each individual’s personal goals and objectives.

Most participants do not have access to unbiased, experienced, professional money management and advice on their 401(k) / 403(b) plans. Many people try to manage their own accounts without the benefit of a dedicated team of advisors to assist them with asset allocation strategies, risk management, diversification techniques, and rebalancing principles.

Our team works for you and your advisor. Not your company, your plan, an investment or insurance company. Because we are Investment Advisor Representatives, we have a professional responsibility to provide you with comprehensive advice and management for your individual situation.

Through working with your personal financial advisor we provide a prudent investment process that is consistently applied using the highest global ERISA fiduciary standards. Our team determines the most appropriate asset classes and allocation of those classes. We use a proprietary due diligence screening process through Fi360, a global leader in research, analytical and reporting services to then determine which money managers are most prudent for your portfolio. We then make the trades in your account so you do not have to.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and welcome you to contact your advisor to learn more about this service.

IFP Plan Management