employer-pageYour retirement plan participants need to understand their company sponsored plan. They need individual investment advice customized for their personal situation. They need unbiased, professional guidance regarding asset allocation, diversification and risk management. They need help in creating a retirement plan to make sure they are on track to achieve their financial goals.

Because we are Independent Investment Advisor Representatives, we have a ERISA fiduciary responsibility to your employees to provide them the best advice and management possible on their company sponsored retirement plan. Their account remains where it is, in their company plan. We work for your employees on an individual basis, not for a mutual fund or annuity company.

We will complete an Investor Profile Questionnaire and discuss your employee’s retirement goals with them to understand how to assist them in managing their account.

Through our Personal Financial Website, each employee will have their own password protected, private web site to view their overall financial picture, including their company retirement plan. Watch this video.

Your employees individually decide if they would like to participate in our service.

There is no cost to the employer, and we bill your employees on an individual basis.

We are available for onsite employee education meetings to show your employees the benefit of their company sponsored 401-(k) / 403-(b) plan which can help to increase participation in the plan. These meetings are held at no cost to the employer.

At Plan Management Services, we help employers provide the advice and management their employees are looking for.

IFP Plan Management